reviewed by Ken Klingenmeier

Footlite Musicals’ latest endeavor, Fun Home, is a heart breaking journey into memories – an aching, yet stimulating look at author Alison Bechdel’s passage through her developmental years at home and in college with a troubling father, a lamenting mother, and surroundings unlike anything most of us have experienced.

Director Maria Matters has gathered an outstanding community theatre level cast to tell the story and has managed to deftly propel them with just the right levels of tragic and humorous choices. Ms. Matters’ sense of the themes at work here is invariably on-the-mark. The result is a highly emotional odyssey for her audience, who gave it a much deserved standing ovation.

Alison (Kristin Cutler, right) watches over a scene from her childhood between Small Alison (Sadie Cohen) and her father, Bruce (Tim Spradlin) in Footlite Musical’s production of “Fun Home”

Kristin Cutler takes the central role of Alison. Part narrator, part scene-influencer, she takes us back through various stages of her life and her blossoming as a lesbian – first as a child (Sadie Cohen as Small Alison) and on into her college days (Elly Burke as Medium Allison). Ms. Cutler has a perfect, steadily-calm countenance for her duties, as well as a terrific singing voice which she features in her renditions of “Maps” and “Telephone Wire”. As Small Alison, 5th grader Sadie Cohen is a delightful surprise, with her well-trained vocal qualities and her sharp portrayal. Ms. Cohen shows a lot of stage presence through her acting scenes and knocks her solo, “Ring of Keys’, out of the park. As Medium Allison, Elly Burke connects with her audience with superior vocal talents and a well-crafted characterization. Her “Changing My Major (to Joan)”, offered after Alison’s sexual awakening, is a show-stopper.

from left – Small Alison (Sadie Cohen), Christian (Lincoln Everitt), Helen (Emily Gaddy), John (Evan Cohen) and Bruce (Tim Spradlin) in Footlite Musical’s production of “Fun Home”

As Alison’s parents, Tim Spradlin’s Bruce and Emily Gaddy’s Helen are both high marks in the production. Spradlin takes on an immensely emotional role – with multiple levels of anxieties, improprieties, sorrows and joys. This is a complicated man, and Spradlin’s gifts are heightened throughout in his portrayal, resulting in a winning performance. Likewise Ms. Gaddy’s Helen is full of emotion. Her dire concerns about her husband and her children, as well as for what she has done to her own life, are extremely well-offered. Helen’s lamentful “Days And Days” is one of the most rueful songs issued in the show.

Medium Alison (Emily Gaddy, right) meets Joan (Emma Socey, left) and Alison (Kristin Cutler) looks on in Footlite Musical’s production of “Fun Home”

Emma Socey is the ideal Joan, Alison’s eye-opening, first sexual encounter. Ms. Socey does excellent work in a role that could easily teeter to one side of authenticity or the other, but which she has found a purely balanced middle lane for. In smaller roles, Evan Cohen as Small Alison’s younger brother John, and Lincoln Everitt as older brother Christian, as well as Dustin Branum and Job Willman as an array of characters, all do fine work.

A small 9 member orchestra, led by Ainsley Paton, provides adroit musical accompaniment, while director Matter’s set design (with ML Lich) works very nicely.

Bottomline: Footlite Musicals’ Fun Home is an exceptional piece of community theatre. It is a moving, informative, and important theatrical undertaking. Full of amazing performances, you’ll be well-rewarded by the company’s efforts when you attend.

Fun Home runs two more weekends through March 22nd. Head to for tickets and other pertinent information about the show.

  • Photos by Michael Camp