Ken clay eyepatch
I guess some of you remember that in 2013 I was diagnosed with an ocular melanoma in my left eye. (See I had a rather complicated surgery on that eye on April 9 of that year, which bombarded the tumor with a lot of radiation. I was told at that time that I would be losing all or most of my vision in that eye. Since then I have visited my eye surgeon, Dr. Minturn, in August and November, and I am scheduled to see him again in May.

All has progressed as expected. The tumor inside my eye has been shrinking. And in late February, I started losing my left eye’s vision. I really was not too sure what to expect with regard to losing my sight. It started as a blanking out of the lower peripheral vision, then it went all hay-wire – with a finger of blankness running across my eye and now I have lost most of that eye’s focus, I’ve started seeing a yellow circle in the center of it all and I’m just generally having a mess to look through in that dying eye.

My right eye is just fine and has picked up on all of the focused, clear sight duties. It becomes rather tiresome if I am watching TV or playing the PS3 or reading off my Kindle or tablet. Sometimes it’s better to just wink my left eye out and just have clear vision. Most of the time, though, my brain seems to be able to disregard what is going on in the left side of my perception – it seems to depend a lot on what kind of light I am in or the brightness of what I am looking at.

So what now? I guess what I want to do is lose the glasses eventually and go with a right eye contact. If my left eye keeps corroding my total vision – I may have to get an eye patch or something. I realize I may look a little odd – but I fantasize that it will make me look more like an old Hathaway shirt ad from the 1950’s.
Regardless, there is nothing much I can do but to accept this new turn in my life. So, I am losing sight in my left eye…as I like to joke to my friends and family: hey, at least I am not losing my hair!

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