After a very trying day, what with all the energy spent getting my car into and out of a snow bank, plus having to deal with the latest chilling blow from Indianapolis’ record setting winter, and driving around Mass Ave. trying to find a parking space that wasn’t two miles away from the TOTS’ building (I settled for one 1/2 mile away) – I really wasn’t in much of a “theatre going” mood yesterday evening.

That all changed once the lights went down, and Kevin Burke came onstage to deliver his amazing version of Defending the Caveman. The show, written by Rob Becker, is a half stand-up routine, half sociological thesis on the undeniable differences between men and women, especially within a couple relationship.

The show could very well be titled Defending the Caveman: Recognizing and Understanding the Differing Traits of the Male and Female Species of Humans. Because that is what it seems like the piece was pointing out. We are two species, we are very different, and we must note the differences to understand them. Except – the pointing out was uproariously clever and hilariously done.

Kevin Burke stars in "Defending the Caveman" at TOTS

Kevin Burke stars in “Defending the Caveman” at TOTS

Kevin Burke is certainly the right man for this task. His even delivery, his impeccable comic timing, his knowledge of how to work an audience so that we did not miss out on any of the fun he is purveying, made this a wonderful evening to share with my wife (you can be sure we nudged each other several times as Burke clearly identified the gaps between how men and women operate in this world) and it was a great tonic for my misdirected day. His having performed the show for ten years comes through in every statement and every knowing expression. The standing ovation he received was undoubtedly well-deserved.

I strongly recommend that you attend this TOTS Mainstage production. I imagine it is more enjoyable when shared with your significant other – but if that is not possible, take a friend, take your Dad, take your Mom, take a sibling – go see this show and gain the knowledge – hey, we all know about the differences, but Defending the Caveman helps put them into sharp focus, plus you’ll get to laugh – a lot!

Defending the Caveman continues at Theatre on the Square in an open ended run – so make your plans early. Information about the dates and times of the show are available at, or you can call the theatre at 317-685-8687.