Acting is all about preparation, and we renew that step tomorrow for the second weekend of our show with a brush-up rehearsal. Opening weekend was a good success – in terms of what we presented, maybe not so much for the box office aspect. This is a fun play to do; I love having such an interesting character to play. Count Mountjoy is written so that it is hard to deny his superior attitude. He looks down his nose at his rivals, schemes are just a part of his nature and there isn’t much he wouldn’t do to save his country from ruin. I finally have a picture of him to share (click on it for a larger view):

The cast has proven to be quite capable and the reactions we have heard for the play have been positive. Also, this cast is really great to work with. As one actor noted, the last play they were in was rough to get through due to all the backstage drama. I have been in shows where there was dissention, and it surely takes a lot of the pleasure out of the experience. But this group is quite the happy bunch, I am pleased to say.

Because of that and the smoothness of the process, there is not much to write about. This is a typical play in a host of ways – every show is different, different reactions from the audience, different levels of performance, and especially – different line flubs every show. I always say – there is no perfection in live theatre (especially live community theatre) and we will correct the mistakes we have made in one show, only to have different mistakes in the next! That’s live theatre. It’s NOT a movie!