Well, most of the preparation is done now and although I haven’t been to rehearsal for a week (I was in Buffalo with my wife, visiting my sister – Audrey) I will move forward with the rest of the cast to get ready for opening night in 6 days. For the uninformed, “Hell Week” is what we call the final week of rehearsal for a show. We start with a long, full day on Sunday and work every evening thereafter through the opening weekend – on into the following Sunday. Eight days in a row!

For folks who have jobs everyday and who got used to the norm of rehearsing 4 days a week, it can have the scent of “hell” to get through the busy week. Everything that needs fixing has to be fixed. Every line has to be on the tip of your mind and your tongue. Personally, I like the intensity of the week. We’ll get to do lots of full run-thrus, we’ll get into the rhythm of the show and everything will become second nature. We have a very good group of people in this cast. Everyone is pulling their weight, everyone is interested in getting it into shape and I truly look forward to seeing what the final product will look like.

Director Ryan Shelton has done a very good job keeping everything fun while getting everything done – the hallmark of a top-notch director. I enjoy working with him and hope to again.

So, another opening at the end of this week! As I get older, the process seems a bit more daunting, but the enjoyment is still there – so I guess I’ll continue to do shows, if I can find the roles as they continue to diminish. (That aging thing again!)