I figured it was about time to update this blog thread. I really have only been to a few blocking rehearsals last week and two working rehearsals, one for each act, this week. We had off last Monday for Labor Day and now we are going full blast. Tonight we will go through the entire play – our final time with books in hand. Monday’s rehearsal is the first OFF-BOOK rehearsal!

I have been studying hard – luckily I have all the time I care to use to get the lines down. I have been doing 3 sessions a day – each session for about an hour. I have found that that is the most effective approach for me. Getting the lines memorized is not the hard part – saying them on stage with all the other factors of the rehearsal going on is much more difficult than one might think. Freshly learned lines seem to pull an escape during our first tries with them. The old adage is – “Hey, I knew them in the car on the way over here!”

Costumes are being readied and I have worked out a look for myself. I am playing Count Mountjoy, an aristocratic type. I happen to have purchased a beard for the role of the biblical Luke, which I performed for a church service earlier this year at the Palladium in Carmel IN – https://asota.wordpress.com/2013/03/24/journey-palms-to-paradise-at-the-palladium/ – which I thought might give Mountjoy an upper-class air. The director saw this picture and wrote back “Bravo”, so I guess it’s in!
Ken Mountjoy mustache

Other than learning lines and playing with facial hair – the hard work is before us. We must put all of our ideas into the show, mix them up and see what the heck happens. More later…