My wonderful next door neighbor, Ron (see my previous blog entry entitled Life observed: Neighbors ), is heading up a huge dance competition that is coming to town on August 10th and I’d like my readers to know a bit more about it. This is an annual event and couples come into town from all over the country to compete. This is not your “one dance and we’ll see if we like you – Dancing With the Stars” type of competition. This is the real thing – a real test of a competition where dancers really know their stuff in many disciplines. It’s versatility, steps, style and confidence that make the difference here.
Dance poster 2013

All the info you’ll need to buy tickets is listed on the poster above. If you like dance, especially ballroom style dancing, this will be something you will not want to miss.

To find out more about Dancesport you can go to Dance USA’s site

Note: This blog entry marks my 100th posting. When I started this blog in June ’10 with a review of Rabbit Hole at Spotlight Players, I never thought I would be doing 3 years of posting, let alone 100 entries. I keep doing it because it’s fun, I get a lot of good feedback (and very little negative), and I enjoy writing more than I ever knew I would. Thanks to those who “follow” the blog and get each entry in their email. I appreciate it.
Now, to start on my next hundred…