The season labeled 2012-13 is about finished. Oh, there are a few late shows to be run yet – but, for the most part, it is time to look ahead and see what is on tap for the coming year. Going over the theatre season lists, which are readily available for most theatres on our good friend, Indiana Auditions ( go to – and look in the box on the left marked “Site Navigation” for “Indiana Theater Seasons” ), I started pondering the thinking that goes into assigning plays for one’s season.

It really must be rather tricky business. Some groups call for director submissions and choose from those. Others lay out a season and assign directors. But, always in mind are the two critical questions: What can we do that is new and interesting and will our audience segment come and see it?

I submitted two shows to two theatres this year and got no call to direct at either. (Although one theatre did come through later with a special arrangement that I was not able to agree to.)

Looking over the list of shows, there are a few “classics” being scheduled; Acting Up Productions is doing A Streetcar Named Desire in Apr/May of next year, followed by (gulp) Hamlet in June/July ’14; To Kill a Mockingbird will be done at The Belfry in May/June ’14 and also at Hendricks Civic Theatre in Apr/May ’14; Miracle on 34th Street comes to Hendricks Civic in December ’13; and IRT leads off with The Crucible/An Illiad/A Christmas Carol from Sept to Dec ’13 although the middle title is truly an adaptation of the classic Greek play. Acting Up’s opener, The Zoo Story (Oct/Nov ’13) might qualify as a classic as it is classic Edward Albee, but I think it is a bit lesser known than some of the others.

Comedies abound, of course – what is a theatre season without one or two (or three, I say) good comedies? Some which catch my eye: The Belfry leads off with The Mouse That Roared in Sept/Oct; Buck Creek leads with Neil Simon’s Rumors, also Sept/Oct and follows with The Women by Claire Boothe Luce in Mar ’14; CCP is doing another Simon play, Lost in Yonkers next May, preceded by The Philadelphia Story in Mar ’14; and Epilogue has Daddy’s Dying, Who’s Got the Will? in Jan ’14.

There are many quality dramas to look forward to as well. Besides the classics aforementioned, we have these titles that looked interesting to me including CCP’s Tribute (Jan ’14); Epilogue’s Shadowlands (which happens to be the first play I ever did in this area, for the Edyvean in ’94) in May ’14 and On Golden Pond the following July; and Westfield Playhouse will be offering Agnes of God as their leadoff production in Aug/Sept ’13 and Diary of Anne Frank next June ’14.

As always, musicals are popular – too many to cover here. But, I will mention: Les Miserables, coming to Beef and Boards on Oct 3rd ’13; and Sunset Boulevard (Sept/Oct ’13), highlighting the new season at Footlight Musicals, along with La Cage Aux Folles (Mar ’14).

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Indianapolis theatre has a lot to offer, and I know Mrs K. and I look forward to seeing and enjoying a good many of the offerings.

If I did not mention your favorite theatre here, I apologize, I tried to cover what caught my eye. Some theatres, like Spotlight, have not published their seasons yet, so I suggest that you keep informed by going to the Indiana Auditions web site and checking out when and where auditions and show dates are.