As we are in the middle of our final week of performing The Sound of Music at Beef and Boards, I feel I must find some way to end the series of blogs I have been writing about the production.

The next show, Smoke on the Mountain, directed by Jeff Stockberger, has been in rehearsal for a few days now, and the blogging duties for that show have been turned over to the very capable hands of performer Bobby Taylor, whose blog is called Turn Up the Muse. You can find his behind the scenes look at this upcoming production at

For me, after doing many, many shows, the end of another production is always the same. A door closes, but another door opens in my path. What that new door brings is unknown, of course. I have nothing planned at this time, so it may just be a return to my status quo – which, believe me, is not bad. I know other opportunities will come my way, sooner or later – I have stopped worrying about it as I have settled into my middle 60’s. I’ll now have time to see some friends in shows, to review a few more plays (look for my upcoming review of Smoke on the Mountain here), to continue my very part-time voice-over job at IUPUI and to just have a relaxing rest of the summer. I’ll collect the list of shows for the upcoming seasons of the local community theatres and see if there are any what I call “geezer roles” for me to consider auditioning for. Or maybe I’ll get hired to shoot a commercial or perhaps I’ll relieve my writing cramp by trying a little fiction again.

It’s been wonderful fun to write about this show and to be able to feature many of the interesting people involved in it. I thank everyone who cooperated with me so that the interview pieces came off so well. I must say, my readers were very interested in knowing more about the people in this production. The interviews alone had over 900 viewers. All viewers for the entire series of 18 Sound of Music blog entries have totaled nearly 3000, so far. I feel very rewarded by such numbers and I thank everyone for the great feedback you have given me regarding the blog. Sharing my thoughts with all of you has been a pleasure for me.

The cast of "The Sound of Music" produced at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre in May/June 2013

The cast of “The Sound of Music” produced at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre in May/June 2013

When the curtain drops the final time after Sunday’s matinee – this cast will disperse in many different directions. I know I may not see some of them again – but I’ll hope to work in the future with many of the local performers I got to know here. I do wish everyone well in their careers and endeavors. As I said in one of the opening blogs – we will always have this in common: the experiences of May and June 2013, when we worked together on The Sound of Music at Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis.

Finally, a few thank yous: first, to Eddie Curry in his job as Casting Director, for offering me the roles I played; to B&B Director of Marketing & Media Relations, Patricia Rettig, for encouraging me and facilitating the distribution of this blog; to all the makers of cakes, torts, cookies and other treats for sharing your delicious wares; and lastly, to my cast-mates, for giving it your all every matinee and evening.

If you are interested in attending Smoke on the Mountain at Beef and Board Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis, ticket information can be found by calling 317-872-9664. The show opens July 5. Further info about the shows can be found at .

*Show pictures from The Sound of Music by Julie Curry