Everyone involved with this production of The Sound of Music went home tired last night. We had a rather long night of preparation, quitting just after 10pm (having gotten to the theatre at 11am). But, a lot of necessary work got done and now we are all ready for our final dress rehearsal this afternoon AND our preview show, with a small invited audience, tonight. Then, it is Opening Night(!), except “opening night” at 1 pm tomorrow afternoon.

I must give kudos (rather large ones, at that) to our director, Liz Stark and her great staff, musical director: Kristy Templet; choreographer: Ron Morgan; costumer: Jill Kelly; and stage manager: Ed Stockman; for all their hard work. Their preparation and attention to detail has made the 10 days of rehearsal about as smooth as it could possibly be. And the show that this cast has put together under their guidance is going to be – well, simply amazing! I do hope my readers are making plans to see it. I know that seats are selling quickly at this point; and that is after only minimal publicity. So, if you have a notion to see this beautiful Rodgers and Hammerstein production, you might give a thought to calling in soon for your reservations – as always, info for getting tickets is listed at the bottom of this blog entry.

Personally, it feels really good to be a part of such an outstanding cast. Though I add little to the storyline in my roles, it still is always nice to be around so many positive and supportive people. And I believe most of us feel the same way about this. One of the great features of being in a show like this is the small, albeit short-lived, community that develops backstage. Some friendships will be made which will continue on, some for a lifetime. Others will be merely acquaintances – but we will still have shared something unique to our time together – The Sound of Music in 2013 at “the Beef”. To me that is just another reason I love doing theatre. As the song says – “there’s no people – like show people”.

If you are interested in attending Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music at Beef and Board Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis, ticket information can be found by calling 317-872-9664. The show opens May 16 and runs thru June 30. Further info about the show can be found at .