First of all, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone. I hope it was a fine day, whether you were celebrating as a Mom or as your Mother’s child. The cast of The Sound of Music actually had a full day off today. This is due, in large part, to the fact that we have been doing incredibly well in our rehearsals. But, we only have three days of rehearsals left before we open on Thursday afternoon with a matinee.

The time for building characters and moods is mostly over with. Now we have rehearsals that will progress the cast through working on the set (being built as I type this on Sunday evening) for the first time (Monday morning), adding the orchestra and microphones (Monday evening), adding costumes (Tuesday morning), adding technical aspects such as lighting cues and sound cues (Tuesday evening), adding makeup and hairdos (Wednesday morning) and then putting it all together for a small preview audience of invited guests for the final dress rehearsal (Wednesday night). All the additions will be fine-tuned as needed, and each step will provide a valuable repetition of the show for us actors and the behind the scene technicians and musicians.

So it just gets better and fuller and brighter and more shiny, until it is finally a show we can present to our audiences.

The process is tried and true. We have all been through it. Somehow we go from a group of people with various assorted skills and a script — to a production of a story that is polished, energized, and entertaining. It’s theatre magic – something I know I have written about before – a truly amazing process which I never tire of being a part of. You can ask most any person who regularly gives their time and energy to theatre: “Why?” They will tell you that they love the people they meet, the chance to entertain and perform, and the magic. I hope that you can come see our magic.

If you are interested in attending Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music at Beef and Board Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis, ticket information can be found by calling 317-872-9664. The show opens May 16 and runs thru June 30. Further info about the show can be found at .