It’s Tuesday. Only 9 days until we open and I have a whole day off! That is a product of my having just a few small parts (Party guest/Priest/Admiral) and only two of those characters have lines. But I spent the early morning, right after I got up, learning my lines for Admiral Von Schreiber, my largest role. I find that the early morning is the very best time to learn lines; before I have had any other thoughts (other than – COFFEE!) crowding my brain. So I get my coffee cup filled and head for the office I keep at home and soon the lines are literally jumping into my head. I only do this for about an hour or so, but I really do find I can learn quite a few pages of dialogue every morning that way.

Yesterday I had my first rehearsal sessions. It was good to make acquaintance with some of the other cast members I’ll be working with. I always enjoy the opportunity to watch other people rehearse and to see the show developing. We are in the very earliest stages, to be sure. But, some of the Equity actors have played their parts before and thus have a good handle on the dialogue and a feel for the action. We have a lot of very talented actors and actresses involved in this production and I feel glad and lucky to be a part of it.

It was especially fun to see the Von Trapp children rehearse. Let’s face it, the kids are always a big draw in this show and we have a tremendously talented group. They seem to be way ahead in terms of the musical numbers and choreography. I got to meet only one of them, Lucy Neal – it so happens that her mother, Carrie, is in the show, too. That’s really great, I think.

We have an even more unusual Mother/Daughter factor in this show. My friend, Suzanne Stark, who plays Mother Abbess, is being directed by her daughter, Liz Stark. Liz is directing this show for the second time and I really like her organized, time-aware approach to the task. It must really be great to be directing one’s mom in a show. I can’t imagine.

Day by day, this crew will work hard to put the show together – piece by piece. With all the talent involved, I think this is going to be a good one.

I think I will just repeat the following info at the end of each blog entry:
If you are interested in attending Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music at Beef and Board Dinner Theatre in Indianapolis, ticket information can be found by calling 317-872-9664. The show opens May 16 and runs thru June 30. Further info about the show can be found at .