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I am sorry to be in such a state that I must write again about my Facebook woes. The more I investigate this problem and the associated problems of others in the FB community, the more I do not understand how and why this huge, billion dollar company treats it’s subscribers in such a poor manner.

Yesterday I gave up trying to save my old FB page. The main reason was that this giant company does not offer any customer service avenues where one can deal with a real person and resolve problems. I am thinking that all the online responses that one gets from FB are computer program generated – an “if, then” response mechanism. That could be the only way to explain how I, and countless others, have gotten the shoddy treatment we have gotten.

I Goggled some of the phrases that were incorporated into the responses I received, such as “to confirm your identity, please login from one of the browsers you have used before”. I found out I was lucky, I only lost my social network page. Through the Google results, I found that there are worse results than mine being suffered out there. A company named SiteSell had an occasion where FB took down it’s business page for a perceived violation that was unwarranted. (You can read about that problem at )

The cyber community’s response to SiteSell’s problem shows us that FB has caused mayhem again and again – closing down company pages including some where the company has invested thousands into their FB ad program. The main problem when a shutdown happens is that there is no clear path of recourse, no customer service person to discuss the problem with and no response to the computer generated prompts that one is given to make amends with.

As I say, I gave up on trying to rescue my page. I wound up attempting to open another, actually I tried twice. I went through the process of getting the new pages and started inviting old FB friends back into the fold, when suddenly there came an FB window telling me my new account had be secured as they “had received information” that I was not who I was saying I was. For both page attempts…

So, what is one supposed to do about this? As I said, there is no recourse. The system is broken. I am unable to communicate with anyone about the problem in such a way that a dialogue is opened and ideas are exchanged. I find it very frustrating and beyond quizzical that a company this gigantic in it’s scope and effect can have such a poor attitude about handling the situations that their tight security policing programs cause.

FB user beware! As for me, I’ll hope to someday be back in the FB loop as it really is a great way to exchange info with family and friends. But I remain unsure that anything can or will be done.
Well, through diligence, staying on the case and a bit of Klingenmeier luck, I was able to finally, after 11 days, open a new FB account. When I first tried a second and third account, I was turned back because the FB computer (I am convinced that is who the true culprit is) thought I was the same “hacker” who had supposedly gotten into my original account.

One of the verification processes offers to send you a code through a phone message. Most of the time they only offered a text option and when I put my cell phone number into the response box it was supposed to send me a text with a confirmation code to put into the computer and free up the account. I never got any text messages after any number of tries. Last night, out of the blue, I came across this option again with a chance for a vocal message with a code. When I took that option with my land-line number and clicked on a “continue” button, my house phone rang IMMEDIATELY. You really have to imagine immediately and a kindly voice gave me the code I needed. When entered into the FB code box, I was free from the lockup that had been holding down what was my final try at a subsequent account.

So now we are DonnaKen Klingenmeier on Facebook.

The saddest thing about losing the old account is my collection of photo albums from trips, personal history or – especially – my twin grandsons. I can reload much of this – and in time I may – but the comments and notices will be gone. I must say, I missed FB and seeing what was going on in all the lives of our friends and family and it is good to have it back.

Added Addendum

So, it seems that knowing someone who knows someone is the only way sometimes to get something fixed. As of Tuesday night (4/16) I actually got my original FB account up, running and under my control. A dear niece came to my rescue after reading my plight on these pages. She happened to know a techie on the FB staff who worked in the very department I was dealing with (actually, TRYING to deal with, but failing). The crux of the matter is that FB is flooded with hapless attempts to get accounts back in order and there was such a backlog – my lucky connection resulted in my “case” being pushed up through the bottleneck and into the front of the line. Hallelujah!

It’s good to have the old account – and all my picture albums and friends – back. And it’s good to be lucky!