My Three Angels Toast

Ryan Shelton, Gavin Rulon, Mark Tumey and myself rehearse a scene from “My Three Angels”

Time to start week two of our three weekend run. We had good crowds for both shows last weekend and we are starting with a sold out performance for tonight. This is due to a couple of things – word of mouth (it really is a darn good show, from what I have heard) and the production staff for this show has worked their tails off looking at every opportunity to publicize the show. We have posters, flyers (hundreds of them with hundreds of tiny candy canes hand-stapled to them), presence in a parade and a really good publicity plan, combined with really good energy. So kudos to Dana and Kelly for the successes you have had turning ideas into sold seats!

As I say, the show is really going well. I won’t do my usual review package here (hard to review one’s self, after all), but I can say I have enjoyed spending time onstage and backstage with all the cast and crew. No drama, no prima-donnas, just solid work on the stage and a wonderful camaraderie off it. Everyone is doing a good job with their portrayals, gaffs are covered without a seam, and the audiences have seemed to love it. Our Saturday night crowd (very nearly full) laughed from the first line on, it seemed. They got every laughline and every nuance. It took a little getting used to. As one actor said, it was “say a line, wait, hear the laugh, say a line, wait, hear the laugh…etc.”

Our run-thru rehearsal on Wednesday night went very well –  there were even some new interpretations uncovered. It’s great to work with a director that lets things grow – Jeff Bick has done an admirable job on his first directing attempt. I know he has to be somewhat pleased with his results.

So, with great expectations, we head into week two. If you have not seen the show – do look at the schedule and find a time to come out and join us. We are sold out tonight but there are some seats available for Saturday 12/1 (8 pm) and Sunday 12/2 (2 pm) this weekend and we will finish up the run with shows next Friday 12/7 and Saturday 12/8 (both nights at 8 pm) and a final Sunday matinee at 2 pm on 12/9. Call for reservations at (317) 773-1085. The theatre is located in Noblesville at 10690 Greenfield Ave. I hope to see you there.