Sunday marked the end of this journey. A twisted turning journey it was. The final weekend of shows actually played out pretty well. After a Friday show that was part “brush-up rehearsal” (we really should have had a Thursday rehearsal as it turned out – to get back into the idiosyncracies of this script), we treated our Saturday and Sunday audiences to the best shows that we had done. The cast was really firing on all cylinders – at last.

That was one of the problems with our preparation arc in this production. We came too late to the proficiency level that we needed. I left so much prep on the table, so to speak, because we had to worry about getting the lines down. And as stated before, this was due to the extraordinary amount of “distractions” we faced with graduations (and all their trappings) and personal losses and – well, just life’s swirl.

I am glad I got to work with this group of actors – I am sorry the circumstances were such that I could not put my usual amount of direction into the show. It turned out well enough – people enjoyed it and in the end, I enjoyed it as well. The audience, of course, never knows what all is missing – they see what they see and are normally satisfied. One of the most interesting comments that came from a friend who saw the show was that it was like “an acting lesson.” That is a pleasing comment, I’d say. Very nice for the actors. It is true – I was fortunate enough to have an all-star cast for this production. I was unfortunate in the time of year we were assigned to do the show.

So we move on – nothing on the horizon. But I am sure something will come up.