The second weekend of the show is in the books. We treated a very small crowd to a wonderful show on Friday night. Then, on Saturday we brought a very high level show to a better sized group (22 or so).

I’m not gonna lie, attendance is a problem. Marketing is a problem. There is little or none. And it is reverberating as empty seats in the theatre. I have tried to get the word out, using what tools we have. Spotlight did provide posters and cards, but no coverage with them. I got on Facebook and a local theatre site (called Indiana Auditions) and spread the word as best can be done that way. There has been some word-of-mouth, but with such a small base, it is less effective. It is a big problem for this theatre and for this show.

Which brings me to the title incident – the rarity. Our 6 pm Sunday show had 2 reservations on the books. When I learned that, I started asking what the attendance limit was for doing the show. Calls were made – it was decided that 6-8 people would be the limit. We had the 2 (who traveled a goodly distance to get to the theatre) and one comped seat. So we had two paid. The box office fella, a really nice guy, had to tell the reservationed folks that it was unlikely that there would be a show. They left with comps for next week. One other person (a walk-in) showed up, but luckily it was an old friend and he understood the situation.

The rarity was – we did not do a show. This was probably only the second or third time in all my theatre days (since 1974) that I was involved in a cancelled show. For most of the cast it was either the first or second. It really hardly ever happens. I hope it won’t again.