Carrie Schlatter, Joshua Ramsey, Renee Pack and Mark Kamish in “Life x 3” at Spotlight Theatre in Beech Grove IN

Last night, Life x 3 had it’s opening night performance. From my viewpoint and from the comments I heard from people, it went really well. It was engaging, funny, thoughtful, and well-paced, with a set of performances that marked a high point in the cast’s development so far. I was very proud!

There were gaffs…but they vanished as they passed – something we have been working on as a cast. The audience would never have known of a single mistake.

One week ago, I was not thinking that this level of performance was a strong possibility. We were still a bit in disarray. There were problems with lines and I had not gotten to put many finishing touches on the presentation – so that the script, although shaped up, had little sparkle. I joked that I had ordered a rather large supply of “theater magic” to sprinkle over the entire effort. It’s an old joke – I often extoll the powers of “theater magic”. I have seen too many instances where a seemingly unsurmountable challenge has been whisked away at the last moments to allow for a much improved version of the project I was working on. It has happened again and again.

Of course it isn’t “magic” at all. It is the human spirit. It is the individual’s need to craft a better performance or a better circumstance than has existed up until that point. It is hard work, it is pride and/or ego, it is dedication to the right stuff. Theater is hard – the talented make it look easy. That’s the magic.