Well, we have only 4 rehearsals left before our big preview night next Thursday in front of the Beech Grove C of C. If you asked me if we are ready, I would have to say “no!” I think we will be ready – but it has been quite an unusual journey. This is mostly the wrong time of year to be doing a show – we have graduations, awards assemblies, trials, business dinners, Memorial Day weekend. Add in an untimely death (of a close relative of a cast member) which no one could have predicted, and we have faced a lot of outside distractions and events. The results have been varied for the cast members. As a whole, for me, it has mostly meant lessening my expectations and making my main focus the ushering of the production to the stage. We are behind – about a week – in my style of preparation.

The show will be mounted. But the 4 rehearsals I mentioned include one tech and two dress rehearsals – so there is little I can do to put meat on the bones of the actors’ efforts. Their efforts are good, but I always will feel that it could have been better.

After all is said – I am lucky to have the cast that I have. They seem well equipped for the “seat of our pants” nature of some of the run-thrus and I am eternally grateful that Ms. Reza’s script runs shy of 80 minutes!