Putting a play together is a complicated journey – going from choosing a script to securing a spot in a season, announcing the auditions, auditioning the hopefuls, choosing the cast, starting rehearsals, guiding the actors, letting those actors bring their own talents to the fold, shaping the performances, shaping the arc of the play, adding the technical aspects of the show, fine tuning those aspects, rehearsing it all to a final form and then at last opening the doors to the public to come and see this combined effort. It surely all takes a while, not to mention a good deal of effort (I didn’t even mention designing and building the set and the lights, procuring the set pieces and props, and organizing the crew).

So it is good to be at the point we are at now, but there is lots left to do. We are now at the mid-point in the prep work for Life x 3.  We are “blocked” and we know what we want to portray. We have our direction to go in – and now we must take the steps to get there. This week we worked on all the acts (3) separately. That means we broke down all the actions of the characters and tried to make those actions make sense in the framework of the script. Not an easy task in Life x 3; this play has the unusual feature of having a strong varience in each character from act to act. So Henry in Act 1 is not the same character in Acts 2 or 3. Likewise in varying degrees for the other characters. It certainly makes the preparation extra interesting!

The next step, after final goings over of acts 2 & 3 on Monday and Tuesday next week, is for the cast of learn their lines. Memorizing is one of the necessary “evils” of being an actor. On the calendar I handed out at the very first rehearsal, the date to “know your lines” was noted in red type – so there is no surprise to the assignment. Wednesday next week, the red letter day, we have an off day scheduled – and Thursday we will procede with no scripts in hand – although the actors can call for lines when they hit a dry spot in their memories.

Once we can go through the acts without many “line” calls we can really start to shape the performances and the tempo/pace arc of the show. As it stands now, we are in really good shape. I have no worries as we progress. With the experienced cast I have, I know they will be ready to go forward next week.