We just had our second rehearsal last night. Admittedly we are getting off to a fragmented start – we rehearsed on Wednesday last week and only on Thursday this week due to prior commitment conflicts in the cast. But starting Monday we will be going full bore until we open. That adds up to about 22 or 23 more rehearsals which should be plenty with this group.

Last Wednesday we just read through the play for the first time. Last night I tried to make it more of a discussion than just a read-thru and we got into a lot of points about the play and the characters that I think were very important for me to convey and for us all to discover together. This is a sharp bunch of actors – all of them are ready to fully engage in figuring out what this very challenging play is conveying and how we are to present it to the audience so that they are engaged as well.

Unlike Reza’s “Art”, her “Life x 3” is cloaked in layers of thick material to be understood and expressed. We have a good deal of work ahead of us, but I am really confident that the meanings we agree on will be presented to the audience with great style, understanding and aplomb.

My first and, I believe, most important point to the cast in this early stage of preparation was that the play is designed to have 3 sets of lives for the 4 members of the cast. It is not a given that the people who inhabit Act 1 have at all had the same lives as the people who inhabit Acts 2 or 3. They have the same names, spouses, jobs and such – but the way they got to the situation we see them in and the person they are (and have been) to have been taken to that situation can all be different from act to act. I told them that the title of the play is not “An Evening at Henry and Sonia’s x 3”, it is indeed “Life x 3” which broadens the scope of our possibilities for interpretation. It is an extremely important point for us to keep in mind.

We talked a bit about how that opens the door to making our characters fresh in each act and how we can therefore justify some to the dichotomies in the script. I think it unlocks a lot of answers and possibilities. So we are off to a very great start – with the ability to be open for lots of interpretations. Can’t wait to get through the blocking section of our prep and get to the meat of the script again.