Auditions are usually one of my favorite facets of play production. You put out a call and actors talented (and otherwise) come out with hopes of landing a role and becoming a part of something that will fill their time with interesting people and ideas and with performance. This being community theatre, there is no paycheck – so no one is looking for security or provision – and some people find it hard to understand how anyone can spend so much time and effort on something that only just gives one something to do. But I understand. Theatre as an avocation is special. It takes special talents. It takes special skills. It results in special feelings. It is doing art, and loving art, and sharing one’s art. It lets you be someone else in a world where being one’s self is sometimes a grind. It lets you expand your experiences and expound on past experiences. Acting is, after all, the only art that faithfully imitates reality. Music, painting, and much of writing give us an illusionary reality. Acting uses real behavior. Acting is therefore special and to be picked out of an audition to be a part of this experience is special as well.

A total of only 10 people auditioned for this show. I will say, I usually get more interest than that – but I was not disappointed. The people who came out were all very talented and any of them could have played the parts. I found 4 special people to inhabit Reza’s play. I took liberties with my interpretation of who these characters are and chose two actors that are a bit older than the script suggests as the visiting couple because I think a separation in experience enhances what the playwright is trying to say. I cast people whom I have worked with before, 3 as director and one whom I acted with in “Twelve Angry Men” at this very theatre – Spotlight Players about two years ago. I feel that familiarity will be helpful in this project. Time will be better spent on interpreting this very intriguing script.

I am VERY pleased with my choices. I think that what I have in mind as far as interpretation will make sense to them and we can move forward quickly through the short rehearsal period. I picked people with wide ranges, especially necessary in a play where the characters are times 3. And I picked people who are genuinely in love with this play – who will help me get the most out of the interpretation and portrayals. Let the games begin! We start tonight with the first read-thru.