Time for another foray into the art of directing. This time I am doing “Life x 3” by Yasmina Reza (of “Art” fame) at Spotlight Players in Beech Grove, south of Indianapolis. I directed “Doubt” at that theatre in 2010 and won a Best Director Encore Award for the efforts. It really has developed into a wonderful little theatre, and I am looking forward to the process once again.

“Life x 3” is a unique play. It portrays an evening at the home of Henry and Sonia and their 6 year old son, Arnaud – whom we never see. Visitors Hubert and Inez arrive for dinner, one day early, and the gathering evolves into a snack and wine, anxiety-filled, challenge of wills. Scene one plays out with a certain set of results – which relate directly to the personality traits this set of characters have. I say “this set” because subsequent scenes 2 and 3 are a re-portrayal of the same scenario with altered results due to altered traits. Clear? Okay, I said it was unique.

Auditions are coming up one week from today, on Monday April 9 and on the following day. I am looking for two couples basically, but I have some leeway in the ages of the actors. The first couple, Henry and Sonia, have a 6 year old boy and also have solid careers, so I am placing them in their late 20’s to middle 30’s. The visiting couple, Hubert and Inez, can be older or the same age bracket. This gives me a bit of flexibility in the actors who I will be able to consider for the parts.

Yasmina Reza is always an eager choice for playwright. She gives a unique view of the human condition and is able to explore outside the norm on such matters as play structure and character. I enjoyed directing her play “Art” so much that I have submitted it as my choice for next season at CCP, where I directed “Almost, Maine” last fall. My hope is to re-assemble the same cast and see what re-producing the show will bring to the fore.

Another aspect of this show that I am working on is the set design. After killing myself with building the complicated “Maine” set, it is a pleasure to be considering such a simple design. In my present idea for it, the set consists of a living room suite, center stage, with platform walls up left and up right to serve as masking flats for exits into other rooms. If I can paint the floor, I will add some further design flourishes. The entire play in set in the one room – what a blessing!

This next week will be spent adding to my thoughts on the play and deciding what selections in the script I will use in auditions. I really do love directing and I am really looking forward to seeing who will come out for the auditions.