It’s hard to believe the first month of 2012 is nearly over – and I have not gone to see a single production. There were some I really would have enjoyed seeing – Two Rooms  sounded like it was worth a look, for example. It was just hard to get going this month for some reason. It has been a post-holiday, out-of-town, hibernation, sick at home, football games on the television every weekend, new PS3 at the house type of month. Or maybe I am just getting lazier and achier with age – the 60’s are a lot different from the 50’s – I’m tellin’ ya!

But I don’t doubt we will be out there again soon. I need to look and see what is coming up on the theatre horizon. Old stalwart Indiana Auditions dot com is still a great resource, isn’t it? Let’s see: there is Company which just opened at CCP… there is Moonlight and Magnolias at take your pick!… How did that show get scheduled at 3 different theatres in a 6 week period? – first at Spotlight (opening Feb 10th/closing Feb 19th), then at CCP (4 weekends! Feb 24th to Mar 11th) , and then at CRT (Mar 8th to the 17th). There will actually be one weekend where it is playing simultaneously at both Carmel community theatres! (Ugh! The people who handle the rights fees for this play must think there is an M&M festival in town!) Titanic is coming to The Belfry, God of Carnage by my favorite playwright Yasmina Reza is coming to IRT (I rarely spend the money to go to IRT but this might be a must-see).

Lots of interesting stuff to try for – so I hope something happens and the weather is good and my aches and pains and maladies take a holiday. I love seeing live theatre, I just have to get some inertia going. I have also started preparing for Life (x3) auditions in April at Spotlight and getting a proposal together for next season’s directing slots. So it’s not like I have been totally vegged and cocooned. I just haven’t wanted to leave the house.