The past two weeks have been very busy – this coincides with the run of the show, of course. I have to say – I was very proud of the entire set of 8 shows. As I’ve said before, I know that every show’s run includes a worst show and a best show. I am sure we had one of each, but I promise you I could not have told you which was which. It was such an even, well-acted, well-received set of performances – I can honestly say it was in the top 3 shows that I have directed – along with Doubt at Spotlight Players in 2009 and Art at CCP in 2008.

What makes a great show to me? A great cast with total focus on the job to be done. A fantastic crew who does what needs to be done without a prompt or note. And appreciative and sincere audience reaction. In Almost, Maine I was the lucky beneficiary of all three facets. This cast gave it’s all – in such a professional manner. They grew through the 8 performances both through my notes and their own growing understanding of what was occuring in their scenes. It was an interesting and wonderful process to observe.

As a crew leader, Bruce K did everything I asked and more. He was such an asset to the show and to the cast. I have thanked him dozens of times and will likely thank him again the next time I see him.

And the audience was willing to be taken in by the magic of the show. Admittedly, we did not get the attendance numbers we had sought. Reasons given have ranged from poor coverage by new reporters on local and city papers, less reviews (since I normally review CCP’s offerings – that was missing as I directed), and poor name recognition of the play. Although Almost, Maine is gaining prominence in the public eye, it is still mostly an unknown title to the general public.

Regardless, I was pleased with the product, as was the theatre hierarcy, the cast and our loved ones who came to see the show.

Was it a perfect journey? Far from it, but I grew many friendships that will enrich my life and grew in skills for later projects. Thank you to everyone who helped put this production together, especially Lori, Michael  L., my great cast, my wife Donna and of course – Bruce!