With the play’s opening less than a week away, things have shifted into high gear. The set has been 95% completed. All the pieces are built and painted. Monday is the day to paint the stage white, set the trees in place and add snow piles. It has been a tremendous amount of work (and time spent) but I am very pleased with the result as is my workmate, Bruce K. Yesterday we managed to succeed at rigging the shoe-drop mechanism (those of you who know the play, know of what I speak, the rest of you – go see it) and we let up a cheer. The same thing happened in rehearsal when we used it for the first time – with added applause.

Last night’s rehearsal showed definite progress. We are very close to having every single thing nailed down performance-wise. We had a costumed rehearsal and the colors and looks sure added a lot, as they always do.

Naturally, we had another setback. I swear this one is a new one on me. Our masking curtains (a pair of 20 foot long black curtains on stage right) were whisked away by the theatre group that owns them. Seems they need them for their stage. So now all our stuff on that side is exposed, the stored pieces, the movement, everything. The powers that be from the theatre have been working on getting some replacement curtains, and I am trying not to get too frustrated with this setback as it is a theatre problem and not a production problem. But my fingers are breaking in their crossed and recrossed state.

I have a few pictures to share:

"Story of Hope" with Gavin Rulon and Tamara Rulon


"This Hurts" with Carrie Schlatter and Daniel Shock


"Getting it Back" with Ericka Barker and Gavin Rulon


"Seeing the Thing" with Joshua Ramsey and Carrie Schlatter