With no rehearsal last night, because of Prine, and work called off today, because of Prine, there is time to rest and reflect.

The 'cabin' so far...someday it will be finished.

Lots got done building-wise yesterday. Although we did not get as far as we would have liked, we worked to the point of great fatigue and left with only the 10 ft side of the building shingled. We may have gotten a bit more done except that an overhead air duct pipe had to be removed and it was a struggle to get off it’s seating. Bruce K did all the heavy lifting and the unscrewing of sheet metal screws which seemed to be coated with some sort of gunk. It took about twice as long as I thought it might – but BK was diligent and made it happen. (He’s my right hand man…and he’s a lefty!)

BK had had his power yoga class in the morning and he admitted he was a bit behind the energy curve before we got started. But he hung in there and we were both dragging when we left the theatre at about 3:30 pm. We did also get doors and windows painted, trim up and painted and found out our porch light plan was not going to work as we envisioned. We have a small amount of shingling to do around the doorway and then mostly we have to paint. All that next week.

I’ll get to see the actors tonight as we rehearse Act 2. I know they will give me a lift. All 6 of them have been nothing short of astounding in their prep work. With all the setbacks I have had on the set-building side, it sure is nice to have no worries on the acting side.