The unfinished exterior of the house on wheels for Almost, Maine

After Tuesday’s mayhem it felt great to have some significant moves forward yesterday. The house on wheels now consists of walls and a roof! Getting the roof up onto the 8+ foot walls was a major feat, accomplished only with the help of my steadfast companion, Bruce K. (I really do not know how I would have gotten half of this building project done without BK’s assistance, skills and know-how.)

Interior of the house on wheels before clearing out the squatters

Some adjustments still have to be made for the integrity of the structure – being 2 walls holding up a half of a cantilevered roof, it has some interesting and not surprising leans and angles to it. But Bruce K came to rehearsal last night and jotted down some plans which I think will do the trick. In order to accommodate the incoming shows this weekend (don’t get me started!) we must take down an overhead duct pipe, shingle the outside of the building, paint a door, install 2 faux windows and just generally cleanup our mess. Not too bad at this point, although I would prefer it if we could just keep up our progression this weekend instead of having another delay.

Rehearsal-wise, we are golden. We ran through the first act twice with me giving notes to the actors and I must say, with the possible exception of the most difficultly written scene, this show could be done (without costumes or set) today and it would hold up. The actors have done a remarkable job, but that is what I expected when I cast them. I knew they were all veteran performers and had no doubts about how sharp they would be. It has certainly been one of my favorite experiences so far.

No rehearsal tonight (due to the show) but tomorrow (no show!) we will rehearse Act 2.