We continue to make great headway on the script – we have managed to go through 8 of the 9 scenes (the ninth will be tackled tomorrow) and to decode the script. This really is a delightful task and I think we have set every scene on a good track to proceed on.

I am directing this show at a theatre that has a very aggressive style of presenting shows other than their season. This is good, as the object of that style is to manage the problem of attaining working capital not through grants, which are politically tied up by another theatre company in this town, but through sponsorships and shows by outside groups and by inventive productions, such as a season of cabarets that seem to work quite well and draw decent audiences. It really is a community theatre.

But…the fact that there are extra shows – something like 4 or 5 during my production time, of which all but one is complete, makes it more than difficult to always have rehearsal space, or to build a set (which we have not been able to assemble yet with one month to go and 12 days until the stage is truly ours). We are left with 2.5 weeks to build, paint, decorate, rehearse on and be satisfied with our set.

I can see how this arrangement is great for the theatre in that they max out the space and squeeze time for the productions to run together and get more profit. But it is a more difficult production route for their directors and their crews. I’m not sure if it is fair or unfair – I just know I do not like it.