A night off today, after two tremendous working rehearsals. I am so pleased with the cast – they are all attuned and very excited about the script. They brought lots of ideas to the rehearsals and allowed for a lot of new ones to be applied. I feel very comfortable with this group. The characterizations are just beginning to show, of course, but in the first 4 scenes we have worked on, I think we made great strides.

We are off until Monday. The real work for me begins then: painting in the daytime – pine trees for the Maine woods – and rehearsing in the evening. I’ll just say, I am not used to working that hard, but maybe that will mean a reserve of energy. I hope!

Last night we covered Sad & Glad  and Seeing the Thing. Both have one very unique character in them in terms of personality – Jimmy, kind of the lonesome-loser type, and Rhonda, a woman who is a bit behind the curve in her relationship progression. I love characters like this to work on and unfold – I know the actors do too. We discovered some nice moments for these characters and those around them, by just talking about our impressions of what the playwright has given us and what he intended.

Likewise, the night before, with the two guys in They Fell and the couple in Her Heart. Cariani has given us such unique circumstances for his unique people – I wouldn’t say that the possibilities are endless but they are definitely fun to explore. Can’t wait to do more next week – we have the stage Mon-Fri so with painting trees in the daytime and rehearsing in the evening – it’s busy week!