Ahhh, it was nice to have a weekend away from the play- I needed it. Not that I did not think about it, I just didn’t WORK on it. But today, after breakfast and a few errands, it’s back to work. At 1pm I will meet with Bruce K. at the theatre to do some set building and problem solving. A new problem has just arisen – what to use for the laundry room scene as a setting. BTW, Bruce K is a terrific set building helper – plus he is very close to commiting to work on the set crew during the run. We work very well together – esp. hashing out ideas for the set, and problem solving. I feel confident we can figure out what to do here for the laundry room scene.

My original idea was to have a quickly placed (during the show) background of two 4×8 flats, creating an 8×8 wall from the laundry room, painted suitably. Then I had the idea on just rolling out the main set piece – a 6×10 building on wheels and using the outside of the building as the inside wall of the laundry. And that would have worked except I had forgotten that the interior of the building (which is open on 2 sides to allowing “playing” inside) had to be reset for the next scene. That would mean seeing the set crew troop through to that area and that would never work.

So what we need is a more elegant and quick way to fulfill the need of the scene. I have an idea, I just want to run it past BK. I am thinking if we hinge the two 4×8 flats, they will stay up more readily, be easier to move and store and be the quick change we need. I wish I had pictures of the set to make this all clearer.

This evening we will have one of only three rehearsals this week. We have to share the space with another production again this week – only 2 to go. In two weeks we will step aside for a John Prine music show from the Phoenix theatre downtown. These sharings and interruptions have certainly made it more challenging to put the set together, but after the 28th the stage is all ours and we can begin building the set from all the pieces we have cut and measured and put aside.

One more blocking rehearsal and then we get to breaking down the script and enlightening ourselves about what is going on in the 9 scenes. I look forward to that with this group. They are all very good actors and have had a good amount of experience onstage. It is always interesting to see how much people have NOT been directed in the past. My methods are new to a lot of local actors, even the idea of the way I block which is to block the scene in my head, writing it in my book as I go and then at rehearsal – giving the actors all their blocking notes before we step on stage. It goes a lot quicker, we can make changes and additions quickly and they seem to like it.

Lots of work left to do – but every day is a progress day now.