Well, we start rehearsals tonight – and I am ready to go! I have put together a schedule, typed up the contact list, printed out some helps for the actors and even started blocking some of the scenes in my script.

It’s always kind of exciting to start a new project – there is a freshness to it and the great thing is, while it is work – it is a labor of love. And it will reach completion in 6 weeks or so!

The true start won’t be until tomorrow when we begin blocking. Tonight we will just meet and greet, go over the schedule and requirements, and hear the play for the first time. I may bring up some points of importance for the actors to think about as they go through their preparations. This play comes with a bunch of notes from the director, John Cariani – who is an actor himself, stressing certain ways he thinks the play should be thought about by the director and the actors. Especially helpful is his description of the people he is depicting in the play, Northern Maine-types. He stresses that they are not accented ocean-side dwelling folks who say “chowdah” or “lobstah”. Also interesting is his point that there is no fullfillment at the end of any of the first 7 scenes. The last full scene – “Seeing the Thing” and the final short piece called “Epilogue” are the only ones that let the audience feel any true, full happiness for the characters. The other scenes end in a sort of suspension – which carries us into the next one. I feel good about using many of Cariani’s notes to form the play.

Well, it is still a few hours til we begin, but the anticipation is growing in me!