After the first night of auditions, I can usually put together a cast. I know better than to think that it is anywhere near the final cast I will wind up with. Usually I have to do this to relieve the stress of casting a show. I say stress, but it is more a quirky puzzle.

I was very lucky last night – I had 18 actors come to audition – 6 men and 12 women. There was a LOT of talent there! I have done an initial paring down, for sanity reasons (I can only cast 6 people), to a group of 4 men and 6 women. These are all people I know and some I have worked with before. Now I have to look at each of these people in the framework of the breakdown of the roles. Because this is a play of vignettes, each person is playing at least 3 characters. So with the necessary flow through the scenes and the idea I have that everyone will play a scene with each other actor of opposite gender, I have to know that a certain actor/actress can fit in the 3 roles that each grouping of characters demands. Complicated? – you bet!

Actually casting a show is my second least favorite item on the director’s checklist – blocking is first. But they both are very necessary parts of the puzzle – so…

More auditions tonight. I will cast the show soon afterwards, notify the actors of their fates and move to the next steps – read-through, scheduling and rehearsing the scenes.